NS Battery Breaks the Record, Selling the Longest Guaranteed Battery in Indonesia


JAKARTA – NS Tiger is the latest product from NS Battery which has the longest guarantee in Indonesia, which is 3 years.

Starting from the NS Battery survey data findings, battery became one of the components that apparently did not receive special attention from the vehicle owner. Ironically, Kantar Millward Brown’s survey said that 53% of consumers actually chose batteries based on durability.

Based on that data, battery manufacturers such as NS Battery assess the importance of marketing the quality products. Moreover, if combined with a guarantee to ensure consumer comfort. The Offers like this have also been shown through NS Battery products with varying duration of warranty. Starting from 8,12 to 18 months.

Of course, the commitment to make consumers comfortable and safe does not stop there. Therefore in April 2019 the NS Battery presented NS Tiger variant with prices starting at Rp. 1 million. One of the advantages of this battery is a long warranty period of 36 months or 3 years and this is the first time in Indonesia.

“The launch of NS Tiger battery is a non-stop, sustainable commitment to NS Battery for our consumers. Lifestyle trends are constantly evolving, vehicle models and types are also increasingly sophisticated. Driving is no longer only concerned with function, but also comfort from various aspects. All the advantages and features initiated by batteries, in this case car batteries. This is why car battery innovation must also continue to exist, even one step ahead, “explained Richard Tandiono, President Director of PT. Nipress Energy Automotive (NS Battery manufacturer).

Richard added that this warranty is different from other products. NS Battery provides the manufacturer’s warranty to the consumer, not the store’s warranty. If there is factory damage, the NS Battery will replace it with a new battery unit.

“In addition, we provide full service for various complaints related to batteries through free calls. During the warranty period consumers are not required to do routine checks. This is very beneficial for end users, where they can enjoy the warranty service for 36 months without terms and conditions complicated, ” explained Richard again.

As one of the factors supporting the product, NS Battery also provides a warranty card so that vehicle owners can get the maximum benefit from the official guarantee. Unfortunately, based on data on incoming calls to the NS Care Call Center from consumers in April 2019, as many as 33% of consumers indicated not knowing well the existence of a warranty card. Thus, they cannot obtain the benefits of a guarantee in terms of both information and claim handling.

“Warranty handling is available online through the site www.nsbattery.com – warranty menu, and currently NS Battery is developing a system that allows consumers to register warranty cards online. This makes it easy for them to get full service for the warranty of the NS battery product they have purchased. So if at any time consumers want to get service but forget where to put the warranty card, their needs can still be served as long as they are registered, one of which can be through online registration, “said Charles Jhonatan Onasis Sianipar, Brand Marketing Section Head of PT Nipress Energi Automotive. [Ary / Ari]


Editor : Ary Dwinoviansyah


Source : https://www.otospirit.com/ns-battery-pecahkan-rekor-jual-aki-bergaransi-terlama-di-indonesia-56369/56369


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