Nipress Energi Automotive is appointed as the official distributor of Varta Battery


KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The battery manufacturer, PT Nipress Energi Otomotif (NEO) was appointed by Clarios Lte, previously named Johnson Vontrols Inc., to become the sole and official distributor of Varta Battery products.

As for the Indonesian market, Varta comes with product segments ranging from conventional motor vehicle batteries, start-stop technology vehicles, and hybrid and supercar.

Varta Battery supplies three series of products, namely Varta Blue, Varta Silver Enchaced Flooded Battery (FEB), and Varta Silver Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM). These three products can be an alternative choice in the Indonesian passenger car market.

“Varta’s products are designed specifically according to the needs of each vehicle that is intended and carries out Maintenance Free Battery (MF Battery) technology,” explained the Sales Department Head of Varta Battery Ragil Jati Saputra in a press statement received by, Friday (6/9).

Varta Blue is intended for casual passenger car types. While the EFB Varta Silver is intended for idling start-stop engine (ISS) technology.

ISS technology is generally applied to premium vehicles such as Mazda, BMW, Mercedes Benz. The ISS is able to support environmentally friendly technology to work optimally without sacrificing battery life.


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