General Stakeholder Meeting

On June 27th, 2007, Nipress held its General Shareholder Meeting for 2007 fiscal year at Matahari Meeting Room of Danau Sunter Hotel. The highlight of the meeting was the increase of gross profit due to the increase of battery sales and the significant rise of the price of lead. The increase was amounted to Rp 11.5 billions from the previous fiscal year, with the gross profit totaled at Rp 47.9 billions. 

On the other hand, the rise of lead’s price also contributed to the 16% decrease in net profit as the production cost skyrocketed uncontrollably. The net profit for 2007 fiscal year was Rp 6.39 billions.

Nipress was still trying to accumulate more capital to prepare the fixed assets in order to maintain production scale as well as to support sales. In 2007, the Company gained additional capital in the form of L/C Import facility from PT Bank Ekspor Indonesia. This was very crucial to counter the ever rising price of lead.

Human resources development was also the main focus for 2007 fiscal year. Various programs were implemented to improve the employees’ performance such as Kaizen Program (Continuous Improvement) and TQM (Total Quality Management). Evaluation was also done to ensure products with better profitability were prioritized and improved upon


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