Nipress New Logo

Starting from  2008, Nipress employed a new logo to represent its traits of innovation, forward looking vision, integrity, and optimistic in pursuing future success. The logo consists of three curved lines, each with their own respective color of red, orange, and green.

Each color has its own meaning. Red represents Nipress’ status as a world class company with the capability and readiness to cope with global competition. The color also visualizes the Company’s spirit, courage, solidity, experience, dynamic, strength and success. 

Orange symbolizes the innovation and creativity with which Nipress developed its products and provided services to customers. It also hinted the impression of joy, enthusiasm, ambition, warmth, and generosity.

The color green is to communicate Nipress’ concern regarding the preservation of nature and the consideration towards the well being of environment in each and every operation the Company run. The color also signified prosperity, fertility, and freshness.

The logo is expected to convey Nipress’ philosophy as a world class company capable of fulfilling future expectation through creative innovations as well as nature preservation.

The Company’s name is written in deep blue to give the impression of elegance, dynamic, firmness, and modernity. The color reflects intelligence, wisdom, unity and the willingness to work together. The tagline of the Company is “Live With it” is in the same color and right-aligned to ensure the composition of the logo is balanced on all aspects. The font used is custom X-scale to provide modern, clean and futuristic looks as to strengthen the image of Nipress as a forward looking, modern and innovative company.

The new logo will be utilized to establish Nipress brand and position in the market today. The usage will includes but not limited to banners, posters, tents, etc.


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